In the early 1900s, the great and good at the Paris Opera buried an urn full of “living voices”—Gramophone recordings of famous opera stars—to be disinterred after a century.  When those urns were opened, mysterious recordings, similar to experiments done by Alexander Graham Bell at the Volta Laboratories in Washington D.C. in 1881, were discovered.  Who made them?  And why? 

The Shattered Podcast attempts to answer these questions.

About us


Nemo studied Sound Recording Technology and trained as an audio engineer.  She is a freelancer in audio preservation.  She is addicted to Mackintosh’s toffee and is mortally afraid of moths.

Dr Phil Donan

Dr Phil Donan is originally from Dublin and now lives in South Croydon with his cat, Isambard.  His academic specialisms are Victorian literature and French nineteenth century history. 

Leslie McMurtry

Leslie McMurtry is founder of Lesser of 2 Weevils Productions.  She is a writer, academic, and devoted tea drinker, who believes in the Oxford comma. She loves listening to radio and podcasts and learning new skills.

About the composer

Katharine Seaton is a composer and sound designer.

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We have a Threadless Artist’s Shop.

Lesser of 2 Weevils Productions tell stories in sound.

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Our logo was designed by Fiona N. Cashell.

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The Shattered font is called All-Cracked-Out and was created for the Chris Vile font store.

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